Norway is one of the most expensive countries we have visited so far (it has the world’s 3rd highest per person GDP, and also the most equal income distribution on earth), but that doesn’t mean you have to spend up big every day on sightseeing.

Oslo, the country’s largest city and capital, is home to the Nobel Peace Center, which is free to visit and has some very innovative displays.

If you have a daily ticket for public transport, you can take a local ferry ride around the fjords for no extra cost – much cheaper than an expensive cruise, and (when we went) less crowded too! Get there early to grab a window seat with a table.

Eating out isn’t cheap in Oslo, but you can get salmon pretty cheaply. If you’re staying at an AirBnB or somewhere with access to cooking facilities, you can buy enough salmon for a family for around $10 and cook up a feast. While you’re in Norway, don’t forget to try some of the snacks we feature in our Norsk Snack video! And check out our guides to Flam and Bergen.