Yongma Land

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Yongma (용마/龍馬) means ‘swift horse’, probably because it was built next to a horse racing venue. Various reports say it was opened sometime between 1980 and 1986, but the most reliable-looking sources I came across in Korean suggest a date of 1983. All agree that it ceased operation in 2011, however.

Some say the park is haunted, but the much more likely reason for its demise is falling profits due to the construction of several much larger, better located theme parks.

Today, Yongma Land is mostly populated by adventure seekers and photographers. The brightly coloured UFO style ride features in Crayon Pop’s “Bar Bar Bar” video, and the carousel is on EXO’s “Love Me Right” cover.

The day we went was rainy and cool, so most of the time, we were exploring alone. Every now and then, I could have sworn I heard the tinny tunes of carousel music…