Tuberculosis Hospital in Croatia

Brestovac Sanatorium is an abandoned tuberculosis hospital up in the mountains of Zagreb. It was established back in 1909, it is said, by a doctor who harboured a life-long unrequited love for the girl he grew up on the same street as. She became an actress, and while he was overseas for his medical training, she married someone else. Still, he remained devoted to her, and even wrote plays for her to star in.

When she contracted tuberculosis, and was abandoned (along with their small child) by her husband, the doctor built a facility to nurse her, and other patients, in the centre of Zagreb, and eventually, in 1909, it moved to the present premises, up in the mountains (to get some of that fresh mountain air).

The facility was used up until the 1960s (although looking at it today, you wouldn’t think so), and is rumoured to be the site of some experimental surgeries, such as using balloons to expand patients’ lungs or cutting the lungs open – experiments which sometimes led to those who recovered suffering from lifelong disabilities.

In another rumour, it is said that either 200 patients or 200 wounded soldiers were killed to make room for others during the war (the hospital was used during both world wars for soldiers, it seems). The bodies of the unfortunate are said to be buried somewhere on the site.

Secret Zagreb hosts a video of the site.